About Us

About the Stone Soup Community

What makes Stone Soup Community unique?

Stone Soup Community offers crisis and long-term services to anyone in St. Joseph County.

Stone Soup Community places an emphasis on partnering and networking. For this reason, our offices are located at agencies and churches that have food pantries and other outreach services. Our goal is to offer clients the most comprehensive and holistic services possible so that clients can move toward self-reliance and out of the cycle of meeting basic needs on an emergency basis.

Stone Soup Community is unique in its approach and delivery of services. We invite individuals and families to work one-one-one, receive individual attention, tell their story and receive a listening heart. Our collaborative leadership style is evident by the fact that we listen first, then problem-solve with the client. After this the volunteer counselor has the opportunity to consult with other volunteers and/or the supervisor. We focus on assets and resources of the client and community to resolve immediate and long-term issues.

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Stone Soup Community accompanies people on their journey to stability.

Stone Soup Community is a community, both in practice and in name.

Animated by personal faith and fellowship, the community is visionary, seeing a future in which all people and families can tend to their own needs and recognize their own gifts to share with the community.

The community is passionate, believing that everyone has a contribution to make in this world.