Our Programs

Emergency Assistance

Clients are welcome to walk-in hours 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Crafting Your Best Self

Clients have access to Emotional Intelligence workshops along with self-esteem building activities.

Healthcare Navigation

Clients who are eligible will be provided one on one assistance with a healthcare navigator to assist with health insurance applications, as well as other agency applications including food stamps, TANF, and social security.

Family Development

Clients are encouraged to enroll in order to receive one on one counseling and case management services.

Getting Ahead

Partnering with Brides Out of Poverty, we assist clients with becoming self-sufficient.


This 20-week program facilitates mindful transition to thriving in life through gained information, experiences and support. Participants learn about the hidden rules of poverty, crisis intervention services, barriers to employment, as well as the poverty mindset.

Team Heat & Stay Connected

By matching funds and offering budgeting classes, we assist clients in becoming current on their utility bills.

Ready for Work

Providing job search, resume building, work shops and other supportive services to clients.