We welcome you to Stone Soup Community

The Story of Stone Soup

The story of Stone Soup tells the tale of a hungry traveler arriving at a town. He knocks on several doors asking for food, but no one is willing to share. He then sets a pot of water on a fire and adds a magic stone. Soon the townspeople become curious. Upon learning that this a magical pot of Stone Soup, they being to offer their homegrown contributions. With each addition the soup becomes richer and better. In the end, there is enough nourishing soup for everyone, and all have learned the magic of sharing an cooperation. 

What We Do Everyday

Most of our clients first come to Stone Soup for emergency help after they have exhausted their own resources, signed up for Energy Assistance at REAL Services for heating aid, and been to their township trustee. In our office, one or more of our 30 volunteers will listen, care, share ideas, and help find a solution to the immediate problem.   Furthermore, we invite clients to return to participate in self-sufficiency programs we offer:     

  • Family Development Program -- one-on-one meetings with a counselor
  • Classes in budgeting, work skills and life skills
  • Ready4Work -- job searches, bus passes, work clothing; resumes
  • Team Heat and Project H20 – matching utility payments up to $50 per month each for electric and water bills
  • Stay Connected (summer program) – matching up to $40 per month to encourage clients to do just that.


Our Goal

To help individuals and families move toward, attain, and maintain greater self-reliance (self-sufficiency).

We do this by:

  • Treating you with dignity and respect.
  • Listening to your story.
  • Problem solving with you. Together will focus on your strengths and resources.
  • Helping and assisting you in the achievement of personal goals.

Additional Things We Want You to Know

  • Our goal is to give you a hand up, which may or may not include financial aid.
  • Any financial aid is based on the urgency of the need and the long-term impact for the individual or family. We often ask questions like, "What is going to happen next month? What are the plans for paying those bills?"
  • Our guidelines for services are not limited to income.
  • We are a private, donor-funded, non-profit agency.

What's Coming

We plan to have an open house with our new partner, Indiana Parenting Institute which will located across the street from our office at 1st United Methodist Church.